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So why is Counselling so important?

As a Hythe based qualified talking therapist, a counsellor if you like. I recognise that 25% of British adults will experience a mental health issue every year. It is also a well documented fact that talking therapy counselling relieves the stress related to these issues. 


It is also a well known fact that most men struggle with talking about their emotions and their feelings. This builds up the stress and can lead to emotional well being problems, but its not just men we all need to talk more. 


Not many people know that the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide. But it's not only men, 6,000 people in the UK die every year due to suicide. That's over 110 people a week and that equates to over 16 people everyday. Like I said it's not only men, but 75% of these are men.

This is preventable and talking therapy is your first step.


When I decided to move into therapy/counselling I wanted to be a little bit different. Mainly because I have seen with my own eyes and ears that counselling doesn't seem to work for everyone. and I was interested to explore why this was. What I found was that often people felt that they were being told what to do. A bit like going to the doctors and they tell you to take these tablets. They never ask you which tables you want, and for good reason. But with mental health it is a bit different, after all we are all different and we all do things differently.

This is why I was drawn towards ACT. ACT is a very flexible process and puts the emphasis on you finding your own path. Yes you will need guidance, and I see my job more as a guide rather than someone telling you what to do. This is quite different from most other counselling services.

We would start with an initial consultation. OK I know that this might sound a bit scary, but it's not. We can have this consultation in my Shed, or if you preferred we could meet in a local cafe. for a cup of tea. Whatever suits you and makes you feel comfortable. The consultation is a chance for you to meet me and for me to meet you. 

Following this initial consultation I can guide you as to what I feel is the right way forward for your situation, and you can decide what you feel is best for you.

My counselling - therapy services are available in Hythe, Folkestone and Dover regions.

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