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Female Therapy

OK we know women seem to deal with emotions better than men, but this doesn't mean you don't struggle too, of course you do.


Women have lots of pressures that men don't have. You only have to look social media and magazines to understand these pressures. It is also recognised that waiting to pick up the children from school can be fraught with anxiety ridden situations. We haven't even spoken about the work place, so yes life can be hard for women too. Then there are the men, we are your big children. We don't do as we are told and we don't listen to you either, but you love us that way lol.


As a man I am happy to say we struggle with you girls too. If you have ever read the book ¨Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus¨ then you will understand that we are different in lots of was. After all we have differing job roles.


It is well recognised that talking helps and having a supportive friends network is important, but sometimes you need more than this. This is where I can help. As an ACT practitioner I can guide you through learning Acceptance Commitment Therapy. This will help you to build your confidence and a feeling of well-being.

ACT is a great counselling therapy to teach you these skills. Yes I know you know how to talk and how to listen, but talking openly and listening with empathy can be hard. Our emotions will often get in the way and can lead to arguments. Having ACT based counselling sessions can help you both the hear what is being said to you and help you verbalise your feeling too. It is so easy to to take things the wrong way, mishear or be misheard. This is easily done and everyone does it, it is part of our language. As an example if you say I'll scream  and them ice cream you will hear that it sounds very similar. but has very different meanings and connotations. 


Following ACT will help you to feel more in control of your life.

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