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Well I'm Brian Beecroft

So who am I?

At this stage I want to be a little different from other counsellors.​ 

I want to tell you a little bit about me.

And My History Lesson Begins.

Hythe Talking Therapist Counsellor

       To start with I am just a normal chap really, and I'm not scary.


Over the years I have worked in a range of industries. Including the hotel, restaurant and pub sectors. After about 18 years I fancied a change. I retrained in visual design and advertising and then went on to education, teaching photography. I also ran a photography studio in Dover. I have always been very practical and over the years I have renovated a number of properties and businesses. 

Roughly 20 years ago I joined a charity offering a listening service, and I have since joined a similar service. These are well known charities but I don't feel that it is appropriate to say which ones on here. My work with these charities has highlighted the mental wellbeing problems our society has, and especially us men. I have learnt that talking is key, but so often we can struggle to talk.


But its not only men that struggle to talk, it's all of us.


These days due to my mobility issues, I had to change what I did for a living. Looking back over the years I had always been a listener and a talker, this certainly helped me with my charity work and my education work too. I do still teach photography a bit, but I have had to let my photography business go. I had to stop and and Accept my condition, I make a Commitment to Taking action ACT. I needed to move my life forward in a direction I wanted it to go. I looked at my interests and my personal values and found my way forward.

So back to college again, building on my life experience and work within education and charity sector. I move on to, level 3 cpcap qualification in Counselling Studies. Moving on from this I qualified as a CBT therapist, and ACT therapist too. I chose to work using ACT as this is the 3rd wave of CBT, and I know that it works. It is flexible for all people, for all their various situations. It is my natural way of doing things, I was personally using ACT before I studied ACT. I know I can train you to find your way forward.

It is well recognised that talking is key to relieving stress and in turn helping mental well being. This is backed up by all current scientific research and is used in all therapies to varying degrees. Please see you work me me more like a course than counselling. Yes I am here to help you explore your past, your thoughts and feelings. See this as part of the course and part of your learning. This is all part of your journey towards better mental heath, and you are the driver on this journey.. 


ACT offer a great structure that enables you to take control of your feelings and emotions.
Imagine ACT as your map for this journey.



I offer you a safe confidential place to explore your feelings, and I can guide you as to your options. This may well be a visit to your GP, if I feel that you need medical help or deeper therapy. But in 99% of the time ACT is enough to give you relief.



If you live further afield then my remote services might be suitable for you. 

You can find me on Facebook, Tumbler and InstagramI also have a YouTube Channel where you can hear me chatting about my counselling ethos and style of talking therapies.


Brian's Certificates

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Counselling - training services for Hythe Kent.

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