Well I'm Brian Beecroft

So who am I?


At this stage I want to be a little different from other counsellors.

I want to tell you a little bit about me. To start with I am just a normal chap really,
and I'm not scary.

Hythe Talking Therapist Counsellor

Over the years I have done many things. I've been married 3 times and divorced twice, with the third going through now. You would think from this that I'm not a marriage guidance counsellor lol. What I will say is that I'm still friends with my ex wives, and still work with No3. So I must be doing something right. Over the years I have worked in a range of industries. I started my working life in the hotel, restaurant and pub sector. After about 18 years I fancied a change. I retrained in visual design and advertising and then went on to education, teaching photography. I also ran a photography studio in Dover.


I have always struggled with weight, maybe being brought up in the hotel and restaurant trade is to blame. I have been on loads of diets, lost weight and then put it back on. My page on Mindful Eating shows my thoughts on dieting. I have lost 3 stone over the past year and a half. I have done this for health reasons rather than weight loss. Don't get me wrong - the weight loss is a great benefit. I don't see this as a diet, I decided to eat better. I have Hippocrates to thank for my change of thought processes, along with Karen my Dymchurch Slimming World group leader and of course the other members of the group who support me and keep me on my chosen path.

I have always been very practical and I have renovated a number of properties and businesses. These days I can do this less due to my mobility issues, but I miss this aspect of my life. My mobility has also hit my ability to work as a photographer. I do still teach photography, but I have had to let my photography business go. I also miss this aspect of my life too. 

A few years ago when my mobility started to effect my life, I tried to look forward, but also looked back over my life. Looking back I could see that I had always been a very empathetic, trying to help people. Looking forward this was something I wanted to continue. Yet again I went back into education and retrained. Through my level 3 counselling course I found it hard to find a counselling theorist that I believed in. After the course had finished I was lucky to be directed towards Russ Harris, and I had found my calling. Russ is a medical practitioner, psychotherapist, and life coach. I have  now trained with Russ and I am happy to now offer Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT. I have now moved my training forward and I am completing ACT Immersion with Steven Hayes. Steven is a clinical psychologist and Nevada Foundation Professor at the University of Nevada and is the originator of ACT and is still at the forefront of ACT.  I am very proud to have studied under such great men.


Roughly 17 years ago I joined a charity offering a listening service, and I have since joined a similar service. These are well known charities but I don't feel it is appropriate to say which ones on here. My work with these charities has highlighted to me the problems we all have, but especially us men. We really struggle to talk, and I feel that talking is key to relieving stress and helping mental well being. This is backed up by current research and is used in all therapies. I feel ACT offer a great structure that enables us to take control of our feelings and emotions.


I am also a member of East Kent Dignity in Dying and a supporter of them.

I offer you a safe confidential place to explore your feelings. I can guide you as to your options. This may well be a visit to your GP, if I feel that you need medical help or deeper therapy. A lighter approach such as using ACT maybe all you need, and this I can offer you in my Shed.

You can find me on Facebook, Tumbler and Instagram.

I also have a YouTube Channel where you can hear me chatting about my counselling ethos
and style of talking therapies

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