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Male Therapy

It is well known that us men can struggle talking about our emotions and feelings.


What is less well know is that three quarters of suicides in the UK are male suicides. This equated to 12 men that will take their own lives today, that's one every 2 hours. The same tomorrow and every day of the year. 


Talking helps to defuse these suicidal feelings. Finding a safe comfortable place to talk can makes all the difference. The Shed is a safe place. 


From a young age boys were told not to cry and to man up. Being told not to be such a girl was not uncommon. Hopefully today things are a little different, but this is has left many men unable, or at least struggling to verbalise their feelings.


Women are also taught from a young age how to act, which is very different to how us men are taught. The book Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus layouts some of these differences.   


Men often feel that we have to be strong and not admit that we are struggling. These feeling can lead to problems, both emotional and relational problems too.

Few people go through life without at some point having a suicidal thought or feeling.  Whilst suicidal feelings are more common than we like to admit. Before suicidal feelings comes the more subtle feeling of feeling down, or off the boil if you prefer. We all have different names for it.  


As an ACT practitioner I can guide you through learning about ACT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy. This will help you to build your confidence and build a feeling of well-being.


Finding you find your way forward is just a phone call away, but often this call can be a struggle.


Learning ACT will help you to build your confidence and a build a feeling of well-being.

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