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Blue Light Card


The discount service for the Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces. 
We are happy to be involved and offer you a discount. 


I am are happy to offer you a 75% discount on your initial assessment, normally £20 but when you show your card
you will pay just £5. We are also happy to offer a further 10% discount on your further booking too


I realise that you can access support free of charge through your work. I also know that sometimes you can be reticent to use it. As you feel that it might impact how your work feels about you. You do a very important stressful job and you need support. Your work knows this as you do and they are there to support you, as I'm sure you are for you colleges too.


I offer an alternative for you, of a fully confidential service, separate from your work. So often talking is enough, verbalising your feelings is well documented as a great way to reduce your difficult feelings. Sometimes deeper therapy is needed and I can help you with that too. The first step is the initial assessment, and then we can go from there.


If you are in the UK's Emergency Services, NHS or Armed Forces you are eligible for this card. Sign up today for free, just by following this link to the Blue Light website.

So who qualifies - see list below

  •  4x4 Response

  •  Ambulance Service

  •  Blood Bikes

  •  Border Force

  •  British Army

  •  Cave Rescue

  •  Community First Responders

  •  Fire Service

  •  Highways England Traffic Officer

  •  HM Armed Forces Veterans

  •  HM Coastguard

  •  HM Prison Service

  •  Immigration Enforcement

  •  Lowland Search and Rescue

  •  MoD Fire Service

  •  MoD Police

  •  Mountain Rescue

  •  NHS

  •  Police

  •  Red Cross

  •  Reserve Armed Forces

  •  RNLI

  •  Royal Air Force

  •  Royal Marines

  •  Royal Navy

  •  Search and Rescue

  •  Second Line Responders

  •  Social Care Workers

  •  St Andrews Ambulance

  •  St John Ambulance

  •  UK Visas and Immigration

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