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Relationship Counselling

Yes we can all struggle in our relationships

What is important is talking to each other. Sounds simple doesn't it, but it is so often it is so very hard. 


As you might have seen that I have been married three time, with the third divorce just going through. So you might think what the hell does he know about this then. In argument to that I will say obviously I have experience of going through break ups, but again don't we all. I will also say that I am still friends with all of my ex wives. Yes the marriages have failed but the relationships haven't, they are all like sisters to me and my life is richer for them being in it.

If you have ever read the book ¨Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus¨ then you will understand that we are different in lots of was. After all we have differing job roles.

Couple counselling can really help you both find your ways forward. I can offer you is a safe place to verbalise you feelings and hear your partners feelings too. This verbalisation is your first step to finding your way forward.

Talking is key to any relationship, along with this is listening. It is so common for me to hear within my counselling sessions, my client say things like "they just do listen to me" or "I just can't seem to say how I'm feeling". Talking and listening are key, as is being heard and  being able to verbalise how you feel. Listening and talking isn't easy. A big part of my counselling training was about these skills. I can help you to learn these skills too.


ACT is a great counselling therapy to teach you these skills. Yes I know you know how to talk and how to listen, but talking openly and listening with empathy can be hard. Our emotions will often get in the way and can lead to arguments. Having ACT based counselling sessions can help you both the hear what you are both saying and why you are saying it. It is so easy to to take things the wrong way, mishear if you like. This is easily done and everyone does it, it is part of our language. As an example if you say I'll scream  and them ice cream you will hear that it sounds very similar. but has very different meanings and connotations. Couple counselling can help you both to be heard and understood.

Prices for couple counselling are the same as for individual counselling sessions. Though I would recommend an initial consultation session followed by a minimum of three counselling sessions. 

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