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Chatty Cafe


I am very happy and proud to be part of this great organisation.  

I will be working with local cafes within my local area, helping people to talk.

As you would have seen from my website I am passionate about talking.

I know positive personal interactions can make us all feel better, even if we are having a really tough time.

So where can you find me?

Every Friday I'll be in Truly Scrumptious Cafe in Hythe. at 10.00am till 11.30am for a morning chat.

If you are free please join me and tell me of your stories.

Truly Scrumptious is on Hythe High Street behind what used to be Aldi, before it moved, there is parking available there.

To find out more about the great Chatty Cafe organisation just follow this link.

Counselling - training services for Hythe Kent.

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