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The first step is so often the hardest step. The old adage of "a problem shared is a problem halved" does hold some truth. I don't say that sharing solves all your problems, I wish it did. But therapy - counselling does help. Sharing your thoughts during counselling - therapy allows you to start sorting your situation out and coming to terms with them.


Think of your thoughts and feelings as a pile of letters. When you look at the pile it can often seem overwhelming. If you sort these in to relevant piles, then you are able to begin to prioritise, and concentrate on the important ones. Counselling -Therapy helps you to do this.


Your first step might be as simple as having one session, a chat if you like and see where we go from there. This counselling session can be in my Shed in Hythe, or we could meet for a coffee.


The Shed

Bartholomew St



CT21 5BS


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Tel: 07546 052846



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Hythe counselling sevices for the emergency services Hythe, Folkestone Kent

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