12 Week Mindful Photography Therapy Course

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This is a level 2 course that will teach you the basic mindfulness steps that will enable you to relax and introduce you to the skills to begin taking better photographs too.

Our Mindfulness Photography course will teach you the basic steps that will help you to become more mindful and appreciate your surroundings too. There is an old saying "If you can see what's in front of you, how can you take a photograph of it". It doesn't matter what camera you have, if fact you could complete this course with the camera on your phone. This is the ideal course for you to start improving your basic photographic skills and improve your mental health. 

This course is designed to help you to see and appreciate the world around you with a more photographic eye. The relaxation this course will give you will also help you to feel better within yourself. The course is designed for any photographer that just wants to learn to appreciate their photography again. 

This course contains 5 units, each unit requires you to go out on 2 or 3 photo shoots, putting into practice the skills learnt. All five units need you to submit your work my email. You will get feedback by email for the first 4 units. The 5th unit you would have one to one session with Brian to talk about your photography and images; either via telephone, face to face via zoom or to attend his Shed in Hythe.


This is the ideal course for you it will start improving your basic photographic skills and improve your mental health too.

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