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Course Details

Once enrolled brian will send you your first unit. Read this and then follow the direction.

You will email Brian your submission with 2 images for each unit and he will feedback to you by email too.

For the last unit you will email Brian your submission with 3 images and he will give you live feedback to you. Either by telephone or at Zoom which ever you prefer. If you are local to Hythe you can have a 30 minute face to face feedback in his The Shed.


Unit One: 10 Small Steps.
Easy to follow small steps, that will improve your photography in just a few of hours.


Unit Two: Basic composition
Learn how to effectively compose your photographs, just like an expert.

Unit Three: Creative use of Shutter speed
Learn how to creatively control the speed of the camera shutter for many outstanding visual effects.

Unit Four: Creative use of depth of field
Learn how to play with depth of field to focus on certain parts of a shot with pin-point quality and sharpness.

Unit Five: Understanding Light
Learn how to 'see' the light and how to use it to your advantage to achieve those expert looking shots.

Unit Six: Learning to See
Analytical refection is a must have skill for any serious photographer, and this unit is all about learning to analyse your photographs.

Mindful Photography Therapy Course

  • This course is a 12 week course that will teach you the basic mindfulness steps that will enable you to relax and find your space. The course will also build your skills to begin taking better photographs too.

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