Male Counselling Services 

Covering Hythe, Folkestone and Dover regions.

Yes I do specialise in male mental health, but I also work with women, couples and families too. 


I am qualified with over 20 years counselling experience.

What I offer is more than just counselling. I offer counselling that will help you to take control, and find your way forward. Making your life better and more complete.

I use Acceptance Commitment Therapy "ACT". I know that this style of counselling works and will help put you in control and help you to find your way forward. Yes this is counselling, slightly different, but not scary.

Mental health is complex, but only because everyone is different and everyone has different issues, yes we all do. Your counselling - training will be focused on your needs, and I will be led by you.

If you have been to your doctor chances are you  have been labelled, and possibly given tablets too. I will look past the label and focus on you and your needs. Helping you to control and give up the tablets. 

Don't let life just happen to you, take control of it and start to live it.

Men are know for lots of things, but opening up and talking isn't one of them. Yes we can talk about football for hours, but men suffer in silence where emotions are concerned. We just keep quite and get on with it. This is why male suicide is so high, not many people realise that 3 out of 4 suicides are male suicides. It is well recognised that talking makes the difference.  

The Shed is based in Hythe Kent and I offer counselling and training sessions in my Shed. I can also offer counselling and training sessions from The Stembrook Lane Arcade in Dover too.


Acceptance Commitment Training "ACT" can help you to take control of your life.

You can find me on Facebook, YouTubeTumbler and Instagram.

Counselling - training services for Hythe Kent.

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Counselling services for Hythe, Folkestone and Dover regions.